Hello, I am Clara Foggetti, a Product Designer living in Paris. I am currently a third-year student involved in HETIC, an IT school. I like resolving design problems, creating smart user interfaces and imagining useful interactions. I also like sharing ideas with people to find the best way to make great stuff.

Know more about me

I blossom everyday in mastering my skills as a Designer, creative thinker and web child. I am an eager-to-learn person, in life as well as in my work. I am lead by an insatiable curiosity.

Experience & internship

Last year, I was an intern in the Trendee start-up as a Creative Designer. It allowed me to improve new skills and discover incredible people. At the moment, I am interning as a Designer at Fantasy Interactive in New York.

Project & contact

If you want to contact me for freelance projects, whether large or small, feel free to contact me by email :